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    Will/ does macbook pro retina display change it's color over time??

    Like a month ago I got a macbook pro retina 15″, but the color/ temperature of it’s screen seems a little bit too warm too me (comparing to my iPad / mini/ iPhone 5 screen) as i’m a graphic designer i’m too concerned about this issue, last week i brought it back to Apple store in A’dam and asked for a screen replacement but 2 Geniuses told me that it’s impossible to get a screen replacement for such matter, because it seem to be normal:( so my question is ” Will/ does macbook pro retina display change it’s color over time??” Will it be cooler ever??! Or do i have to deal with this fact that it’s just normal:)

    Thnx a bunch ( btw answering in Dutch is okay as well ) cheers.


    Strange, i’ve never heard about this.

    If you want to you can calibrate your screen.

    Goto system preferences and click on display in the hardware section. Then click on the tab “Color” and find the button calibrate.
    Using this you can change the color’s of your screen.

    Btw, If we can reply in dutch. Why do you write your topic in english?

    computer space

    Veeal zijn de andere apparaten te koel. Als graficus werk je op 6500 of 5000K, ipads e.d. zitten vaak op 7000-8000. Dus als je het vak serieus neemt, snap je waarom de retina warmer is. Die is niet voor de doorsnee consument.


    Thnx for the replies:)

    i do understand dutch for like 90% but i can’t write/ type it that well :).

    space i didn’t get your point buddy:) but thanx anyway.


4 berichten aan het bekijken - 1 tot 4 (van in totaal 4)

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