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Vraag over welk type iPod.

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Betatester op 20 april 2017 #

Hallo alle,
Ik heb van iemand een iPod mogen lenen, maar ik weet niet welke generatie het is.
Het is de U2 iPod, wie kan me helpen?

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digilb op 20 april 2017 #

On 26 October 2004, Apple introduced a special edition of its fourth generation monochrome iPod, designed in the color scheme of the album How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb by Irish rock band U2. It had a black case with a red click wheel and the back had the engraved signatures of U2’s band members. This iPod was updated alongside the iPod Photo and fifth generation iPod.

Het is dus de 4e of de 5e generatie iPod.

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Betatester op 20 april 2017 #


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Betatester op 20 april 2017 #

En dat is dus niet een iPod Classic?

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SvS op 20 april 2017 #

Persinfo van Apple over U2 incl specs
Eigenlijk is dat inderdaad een iPod Classic-lijn, maar dat was toen nog niet zo benoemd.


4th generation[edit]

iPod (4th gen) iPod Photo, 2004.
Announced on July 19, 2004, the fourth-generation iPod replaced the touch wheel from the third-generation iPod with the Click Wheel from the iPod Mini, putting the four auxiliary buttons underneath a touch-sensitive scroll wheel. The casing was also slightly slimmer. Pricing was reduced and the lineup was simplified, as the 20GB model was sold for US$299 and the 40GB model for US$399. Notably, Apple began reducing pack-in accessories starting with the fourth generation. While a dock, carrying case, and wired remote were previously included with higher-end iPods, the higher-level 40GB iPod only came with a dock, earphones and an interchangeable proprietary cable capable of USB and FireWire interface. In addition to using the iPod Mini’s Click Wheel, the fourth-generation iPod used the more energy-efficient components of the Mini, allowing the fourth-generation iPod to over 12 hours of battery life while using the same battery as its predecessor.

A special U2 edition was announced on October 26, 2004, to cross-market U2’s How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb album. The plastic front piece of the U2 edition iPod was black and the scroll wheel was red, to coincide with the color scheme of the U2 album. With 20 GB and the signatures of all four members of U2, the special edition iPod was priced at US$349 and also included a US$50 coupon for a US$149 collection of U2’s entire back catalog. U2 iPod customers also received 30 minutes of exclusive U2 video downloadable from the iTunes Music Store.

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