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    vanuit google agenda abonneren op een agenda icloud


    Kan ik vanuit google agenda me abonneren op mijn agenda in icloud?
    mijn collega gebruikt google agenda en ik icloud.

    ik probeerde he via deze manier:

    Log in to your iCloud account from a web browser.

    From the iCloud main page, click on Calendar. Click on the broadcast icon next to the calendar you want to share. In the pop-up window that comes up, click on Public Calendar. Highlight and copy the entire webcal link that appears. Then hit Cancel. You can log out of iCloud now if you want. Open up another browser window and go to:


    Paste the webcal link (that you just copied) into the textbox, and click on the blue Continue button. There should now be a green Success message in the middle of the page, followed by a Share URL address. Highlight and copy the Share URL address.

    Now open up a new browser window and go to your Google Calendar. On the bottom of the left-hand panel where it says Other Calendars, click on the down arrow (the one on the right, not on the left). Then click on Add by URL. Paste the URL that you just copied. Click on Add Calendar. In a matter of a few seconds, the new calendar will show up listed under Other Calendars, with a long webcal name. Click the down arrow next to the new calendar and click on the desired color for the calendar items. Click on the down arrow next to the new calendar again and choose Calendar Settings. Replace the lengthy webcal name with a more user friendly name (i.e. Jim’s Work Schedule). Click Save and you’re done.

    maar dat werkt niet zoals het hoort: de kalender laadt niets in.
    kan iemand tips geven of dit werkt? en hoe?

    outlook ipv google agenda is ook een mogelijkheid, moest dat beter gaan..



    niemand een tip? geen ervaringen?

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