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    TEMP FILE 479.tmp

    In mijn muziekmap heb ik dus heel veel bestanden van rond de 23MB met als bestandsnaam:TEMP FILE 479.tmp,het getal loopt op van 1 tot… zijn dit bestanden van iTunes en kan ik deze weglaten?


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    The temp files keep getting created because the original iTunes Music Library.xml file has a pemissions issue. This seems to arise because both iTunes and another process try and access this file at the same time. The iTunes Music Library.xml file is used by iTunes to let other apps know what is in the library. I keep getting this issue on and off and have yet to find a complete fix, only a work around.

    For what its worth this article may be of interest :-


    The XML file can simply be deleted and it gets recreated from the itl file automagically.

    That said the XML is effectively locked because of permissions issues so deleting ALL the .tmp files is OK and then using terminal to remove the iTunes Music Library.xml file is probably still required.

    The XML is then recreated by iTunes at next launch and then hopefully keeps the permissions properly(?)

    Basically then, with iTunes closed, you can delete ALL the temp files but you’ll need to issue a terminal command to remove the iTunes Music Library.xml file that has corrupt permissions.

    rm music/itunes/'iTunes Music Library.xml'

    This assumes you are connected to terminal using the account that manages iTunes AND that your iTunes Library is in the default location under your Music folder. Alter the command accordingly if not.

    Good luck and be sure to take a backup before proceeding if you are concerned about using terminal.

    The above assumes the file is called iTunes Music Library.xml obviously. Some implementations use iTunes Library.xml so just substitute that instead.

    Lees ook eens: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3954138?start=0&tstart=0


    Ik heb ze gewoon verwijderd en het werkt nog allemaal.

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