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    Proximity sensor in my iPhone4 doesn't work. ServiceCenter don't want to fix it.

    Hello my name is Igor Katykov

    For my girlfriend I bought a Iphone on 28/07/2011 at the MediaMarkt in the Netherlands. After a while we recognized that the proximity function of the phone was not working. So I went back to the MediaMarkt and they sent it to Solid Vision ServiceCenter for repair. This is the answer I got:

    The repair of your unit is not covered by the warranty due Repaired by third parties. We have made this conclusion because the barcode sticker in the phone is not the same as in the software of the phone.

    Quote from their answer:

    We asked the repairservice to be more specific about their costestimate.
    They say the barcode in your phone does not correspond with the imei-number, this is not a right combination, that is why the repair service said they think that a third party has wordked on the phone, this is not within warranty.

    Bart Schoonens

    Mediamarkt Utrecht
    service department

    Because of this conclusion they want to charge me 561,67 euro for replacement or 13,95 euro to get my broken Iphone back!

    I would like to clearly state that the device was never repaired either by owner or any third parties. It is logically unreasonable, as the device was bought and it has 1 year warranty.
    I don’t really understand how that can be. How can I really change it, if I would like to do this? Isn’t is a Apple production fail, and why I have lost warranty due to this?

    Who can help me!

    Thank you!

    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: +31 653467051


    Try Bram Moszkowicz. Seriously: contact Apple support.


    Hi Pretleer,
    I also post the same topic in https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3360663


    I suggest you remove both tour phone number and mail address. First we don’t need them to reach you (we can do so by posting here) and second you will attract lots of unwanted reactions this way. Just a thought.


    Was the box the iPhone came in sealed? If not, I wouldn’t be too surprised if MediaMarkt dumped a refurbished model on you…


    Yeah mediamarkt sucks! Seriously!

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