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    Problemen met Suitcase Fusion 3

    Wie kan mij helpen met het volgende probleem!

    Als ik Suitcase opstart krijg ik het volgende probleem!

    Suitcase Fusion 3 could not open the Font Vault at the location “/Users/martinroedolf/Library/Extensis/Suitcase Fusion/Suitcase Fusion.fontvault” because it is in use by another user. To access your fonts, please launch the Suitcase Fusion Core System Preferences Pane to select a different Font Vault or to create a new one.

    Maar ik kan helemaal het programma niet openen om bij de Preferences van het programma te komen.

    Wie kan mij helpen.


    Dit heb ik hier gevonden:

    This error msg means SF3 is having trouble creating a font vault in your home folder due to bad permissions.

    This appears to be a common issue on machines in which a user account was migrated from another machine or the operating system was “upgraded” with an “easy install” instead of an “erase and install”, resulting in bad permissions.

    To correct this issue:
    1. Go to your home folder located at: Mac HD/Users/username.
    2. Choose File > Get Info on your home folder (the one with the house icon).
    3. At the bottom, under “Sharing & Permissions” verify that you (the owner) have “Read & Write” access.
    4. If not, press the padlock icon and type in your password.
    5. Change your privilege to “Read & Write” and choose “Apply to enclosed items” under the gear icon.
    6. Press OK.
    7. Restart your mac.
    8. Launch SF3 and enjoy.

    Mocht je problemen hebben met Engels dan wil ik het wel vertalen.

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