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    iPhone In-Store Activatie process memo uitgelekt….

    Voor diegenen die het nog niet hadden gezien, er is een memo uitgelekt over de activatie van de iPhone. Hierin wordt omschreven hoe het werkt met activatie, het zogenoemde ‘unbricken’ etc. Ook is een speciale versie van iTunes te downloaden hiervoor. Helaas krijg je nu de melding:

    ‘Unable to download file
    The file cannot be downloaded as the maximum number of downloads has been reached.’

    Voor diegenen die het verder willen uitplozen, hieronder de volledige memo, Enjoy………..

    iPhone In-Store Processes

    · Absolute NO’s
    o No Promotions/Contests
    o No Countdowns
    o No Posters out of the store
    o No Flyers
    o No Radio remotes
    o No Mailers
    o No Alteration of Store Hours
    o No Swag
    o No Tshirts with any reference to Apple or Iphone
    o No advertising until 13 weeks post launch

    · Action Items
    1. Shipments for fixtures should start arriving in stores July 8th. Once fixtures are received in store, they can be put together, but Demo Unit cannot go onto fixture until July 11th.

    2. Please ensure that the DP’s send their floor plans to their stores to ensure proper set-up of the fixtures when they arrive

    3. Store Set-Up Phase 2 – Please ensure all your stores receive the attached set up document as soon as possible. They can download iTunes Client only from the link provided in the document. We need confirmation that this was downloaded by EOD Friday July 4th, 2008.

    Key follow ups
    1. MShop – (July 11 – 20 Mshop will be suspended for participating locations) more information to be discussed on Director’s call on Monday June 30th.

    2. SMB On-sites – No Pre-advertising, no desk drops, no posters (You can show up on that day and sell the product) No pre-promotion

    3. Training – ensure store reps have signed up. Sales process training will be included next week.

    4. Fast-Track will be unavailable from Sunday June 29th at 12 PM until Tuesday July 1st at 8 PM

    5. Product will be available shortly for ordering

    Store Setup Requirements for iPhone

    This document outlines the initial store setup requirements that you must fulfill in order to effectively sell the iPhone in store. To ensure customers can leave with a fully functional iPhone, it must be first be “unbricked”. This process involves using the tether (a USB cable: see below) to connect/sync the iPhone to a unique ‘Activation Only’ version of iTunes via a computer. More information about the unbricking process will be provided in training (found on Fast Track and Sales Central) and you will be informed when the job aid is available.

    Bricked: Default state of the iPhone, only emergency calls allowed.
    Unbrick: Enabling the phone for services.
    Tethering: Connecting an iPhone to a computer running iTunes.
    Activation: Customer account setup and CTN provisioning which is completed in-store and is immediate. This is identical to today’s process for other wireless products.

    Requirement 1) Download/Install ‘Store only version’ of iTunes

    * In order to unbrick the iPhone in store (which is a requirement of the iPhone Sales Process), you must have iTunes version 7.6.3b4. Installed on your computer. This version has a special ‘Activation Only Mode’ that must be enabled and used in store.
    * The iTunes version that is currently available on the Apple website is version 7.6.2. This version does NOT have the activation only mode and as such please action the following steps to complete the installation of version 7.6.3b4:

    1) Download and install 7.6.3b4 from the following link. Do not attempt to use any other version of iTunes as V7.6.3b4 is a specific activation only module designed for in-store use.
    2) When you enter the link above you will be asked if you want to ‘open’ or ‘save’ the file. Select ‘Open’. The file is 102mb and may take 5 to 15 minutes to download, depending on your connection speed.
    3) Once downloaded you will see a window containing two files. One file is for a Mac and the other is for Windows. Please double-click the Windows.exe file.
    4) A small ‘warning’ window will pop-up that advises you to extract all files –Please do so.
    5) An ‘Extraction Wizard’ will start. Click ‘Next’.
    6) You will be asked where you want the files to be extracted to. The default location (a temporary file) is ok, so select ‘next’. You will then be advised that the extraction has finished. Click ‘Finish’.
    7) A new window will appear with the extracted files in (both Mac and Windows). Double click on the Windows.exe file. You may be presented with a Windows security warning. If so, select ‘Run’ as the files are safe. There may be a delay before the next step starts.
    8) Pop-up windows and instructions will guide you through the rest of the installation process. You must close MS Outlook (if it’s open) before completing the installation.
    9) During the installation process you will be asked if you would like an iTunes shortcut on your desktop – Please do so.
    10) You may be asked to restart your computer – Please do so if asked.
    11) Once you have restarted you will see an iTunes shortcut on your desktop.
    12) The download process is complete – you must now follow the following steps to complete the process.

    * You MUST now enable the ‘Activation only Module’ within iTunes.

    13) Create a shortcut on your desktop by right clicking on a blank space on your desktop and selecting ‘new’ and then ‘shortcut’.
    14) A ‘Create a shortcut’ wizard window will appear. In the box within the window marked ‘Type the location of the item’, please type or copy and paste the following bolded text in this EXACT format.
    15) Please ensure you use the whole of this text with all punctuation/grammar exactly as specified:
    “C:Program FilesiTunesiTunes.exe” /StoreActivationMode 1

    16) Click ‘Next’. You will be asked to enter a name for the shortcut. use:
    iTunes Activation Module

    17) Click ‘Finish’. You will now see a new iTunes shortcut on your desktop with this name.
    18) This shortcut is the Activation Module and should be used to unbrick the iPhone. When you first start this version of iTunes there will be a terms and conditions agreement that you will need to “accept’ in order to proceed.

    Note: Unbricking the iPhone should only be completed after activating the iPhone on Sales Central. Full instructions on how and when to activate and unbrick will be provided in a training job aid on fast track and sales central. You will be informed when this Job Aid is available.

    Note: As of July 11 2008, an updated version of iTunes (7.7) will be publicly available from http://www.apple.ca. It will have the activation only mode built in (like 7.6.3b4) so you will not need to use unique Weblinks to download it. As it is a publicly available version of iTunes it still needs to be configured for store use. Therefore you MUST ‘enable’ version 7.7 in the same way as you did for version 7.6.3b4 that is detailed above.
    1) To update your current version (7.6.3b4) to V7.7 to benefit from software updates; Open iTunes, select ‘help’ and ‘check for updates’ or go to http://www.apple.ca and download iTunes from the ‘downloads’ section. You do not have to uninstall previous versions first.
    2) You MUST still enable the activation only mode, using the shortcut creation method above.

    Requirement 2) Tethering the iPhone
    Ÿ Every iPhone box contains its own tether (USB cables to connect the iPhone to the computer) which is required to complete the unbricking process and for customers to sync their iPhone’s at home.
    Ÿ In order to speed up the in store process you will receive 2 tethers for your store as part of your Demo unit docking station shipment.
    Ÿ Attach each tether via a USB port (ideally USB 2.0) to separate computers. There is no need to remove the tethers; they can remain connected at all times. If the tether is not long enough, you can extend it with a USB extension lead purchased from many electronics stores
    Ÿ The iPhone will need to be connected at the other end of tether for unbricking – only after the activation has been completed in SC (see training module on SC and Fast Track for details).

    Requirement 3) Sales Central Training and IDs
    Ÿ iPhone should only be activated via Sales Central and through the call centre in an emergency.
    Ÿ An iPhone Sales Process job aid will be available on Fast Track and SC. It details all the related sales process discussed in this document and others, including Sales Central.
    Ÿ Please ensure all store reps have their own unique and active Sales Central ID and have reviewed the job aid.
    Ÿ The iPhone product will be made available through DOAT in due course (you will be advised when this happens) and no other special permissions are required in order to activate the iPhone.

    Additional Information:

    * Product training is now available on Fast Track – Please sign up as soon as possible!
    * Mosaic Representatives will be visiting select stores in the lead-up to Launch
    * Launch day plans will soon be available. In the interim please do not modify your store opening hours, speculate on launch plans, contact the media or create any form of waitlists or advertising related to the iPhone.

    If you have any questions or challenges relating to the contents of this document, please contact your DBM or DAR. They will collect all feedback/issues and review them with the Rogers Field Team member that is responsible for operational readiness in your region.

    Please do not contact DIG/OS or another call centre with questions as they will not be able to assist you and this will result in reduced service levels to you and our customers.


    maakt het uitlekken hiervan uit?


    alleen zou Apple nooit het woord unbricken gebruiken…


    holy smoke!

    …. goed!

    Kun je de goede link er in zetten?


    Err source?

    your Admin

    alleen zou Apple nooit het woord unbricken gebruiken…

    Bricken en unbricken… Dat zijn geen officiële woorden. No way dat Apple dat gaat gebruiken.


    Ik weet wel zeker dat dit niet van Apple zelf is, meer waarschijnlijk van een telecomwinkel in Canada. Waarom zou Apple adviseren om .exe te draaien?? Alle Apple stores werken met Apples en niet met een Windowsbak, zelfs niet voor activatie zo lijkt me…


    LOL, dat iemand denkt dat dit echt is, met dat ge-‘brick’!
    Weer een spam-topic.


    dit was al 2 dagen geleden bestempeld als ‘ fake’


    Dit is die url die erin staat


    Er hebben alleen al teveel mensen vanaf daar gedownload, maar er zijn backups te vinden van het bestand… weet niet of ik dit hier mag posten?


    Lijkt me stug dat het fake is…… Apple.com zit er compleet in verweven. Is ook een interne memo en niet extern voor zover ik weet.

    Hier is de source, Sorry vergeten te posten :lol:


    kan me ook niet voorstellen dat er een speciale iTunes activator bestaat. Dat betekent dat ik die kan installeren en zelf bricked ifphones kan unbricken naar mij blieft.


    kan me ook niet voorstellen dat er een speciale iTunes activator bestaat. Dat betekent dat ik die kan installeren en zelf bricked ifphones kan unbricken naar mij blieft.

    Staat nu ook op de T-Mobile site dat het unlocken geld kost. Oftewel, dikke kans dat hij wel bestaat……


    kan me ook niet voorstellen dat er een speciale iTunes activator bestaat. Dat betekent dat ik die kan installeren en zelf bricked ifphones kan unbricken naar mij blieft.

    Staat nu ook op de T-Mobile site dat het unlocken geld kost. Oftewel, dikke kans dat hij wel bestaat……

    Unlocken? Je bedoelt de activeringskosten? Die komen gewoon op je eerste maandfactuur te staan (iig, zo gaat het nu), heeft niets te maken met het hierboven beschreven ‘unbricken’.

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