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    Batch crop png images

    Ik heb 30 png’s die ik alle 30 op dezelfde manier wil croppen (vierkant midden in foto).
    Osx Preview kan het alleen met pdf’s en ik heb geen geld voor Photoshop.
    Met welk programma zou dat kunnen?


    “The gimp” is gratis en kan bijna zoveel als photoshop.


    Photo Batch: http://photobatch.stani.be/

    Phatch (which is a combination of the words photo and batch) is an open-source batch photo editor that can be used on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. Phatch features an excellent user interface that’s easy to use and understand. What makes the tool different from other batch image processors is its extensbility. If you know Python, you can create Phatch scripts to perform some common Phatch actions on the fly.

    Phatch handles all popular image formats and can duplicate (sub)folder hierarchies. It can batch resize, rotate, apply shadows, perspective, rounded corners and perform 35 further actions automatically. The Phatch website has extensive documentation and also allows you to install specific extensions. Because of Phatch’s excellent documentation, any user from beginner to advanced will find the software easy to use and extend.

4 berichten aan het bekijken - 1 tot 4 (van in totaal 4)

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