HSL Nieuws 21 januari 2003

Chimera gaat toch door… :-)

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Wow, ok. First I’d like to thank the 75 of you that took the time to write me an email about my last blog entry on Chimera. One of the emails went like this:

OK, Chimera will never be an app used by the masses, and possibly not even by the masses of Mac users. Still, choice is good, and choices of several apps that suck less is even better.

You know, he’s exactly right. It’s all about motivations. Why did we even start Chimera in the first place? Because we wanted to make something that sucked less. Safari aside, it stands on its own as a solid product with a good UI that is pretty damn bug-free for an 0.6 release. It’s easy to get sidetracked on the “woe is me, we lost again” tangent (especially if you’ve been at Netscape for 5+ years), but it’s time to get back to why we’re doing this at all: because it’s fun. It’s fun making a product that more than seven people use. I wish that was 7 million, but I guess we have to set our expectations appropriately. Chimera’s not going anywhere, regardless of whatever I post on this blog. Will this get picked up on MacSlash? Unlikely. I guess the damage has already been done.

I’d like to correct many of the emails that commented that I was the only developer working on Chimera. I’m not by any stretch of the imagination. While our unofficial “team” is smaller than Safari’s, we certainly have a lot of coverage from the open-source community.

Certainly I recognize the irony that my musings about my fifteen minutes running out generated more email than my weekly amount of spam. Next time I get depressed, remind me to just talk to my cats.

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Deze brief vond ik op mozpink.blogspot.com/.
Gelukkig maar…. Hoeven we niet meer ongerust te zijn en kunnen we gewoon weer rustig slapen!!

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Chimera gaat toch door… :-)